The Burnside & Vinery Road Allotment sites are run jointly by a single committee, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The rules and regulations are available below.


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Current committee

Chairman: Mark Talman - Burnside

I've had an allotment since 2005, I love to grow what I can't buy, so there's been some odd fruit and veg over the years. Converted to no-dig organic gardening about 7 years ago.

Vice chairman: Barry South - Vinery Road

Moved to a bigger house but smaller garden (yard!) in 2007 and my wife got me a plot on the Vinery site. Chopped it out of the nettles, brambles and couch grass and have been there ever since growing stuff you can't buy in the shops or is much better fresh! I'm a relative newcomer to the committee but as Vice Chairman am happy to consider the accommodation of all legal vices!

Burnside site co-manager: Matthew Whitelegg - Burnside

I started on the allotment in the Spring of 2009. Since then we have enjoyed abundant crops of bindweed and mare’s tail. As well as tending the plot I have the role of Burnside site manager along with Andy K. Over the years this has involved letting out plots to new tenants and generally working on the site as a whole.

Treasurer: Andy Livesey - Vinery Road

I have enjoyed working a plot on Vinery for nearly 20 years, I joined the committee in 2009 and took over from Trevor Taylor as Treasurer. I can be spotted on site most lunchtimes during the growing season and tend to hibernate during the winter.

Burnside site co-manager: Andy Kurdynowski - Burnside

I’ve had my plot on Burnside for about 12 years, starting as a complete allotment novice, and have been a member of the committee for much of that time. I am one of the two Burnside site managers, often spending too much time maintaining the site and not enough working my plot, but I do get enjoyment from both.

Vinery Road site manager: Glynn Gorick - Vinery Road

Barb and I started our plots with friend Heather in 2008. I joined the committee in 2012 and have since been the Vinery site manager. We try and promote full use of plots and social events. Martin has filmed us on site for 'earth matters mill road tv'. There are improvements to make and plenty of projects to work on.

Committee member: Joan Bullock-Anderson - Burnside

I have had a half plot at Burnside since 2012. I still feel like a bit of a novice but I usually have the satisfaction of a glut from at least one crop per season. Anyone who wants to grow Jerusalem artichokes, please just ask!

I joined the Committee in 2016 and currently have responsibility for maintenance of the website.

Committee member: Penny Henderson - Burnside

I took on my plot in 2012, I think, as a complete novice vegetable grower, and through regular and intensive effort, it is quite productive. I joined the committee in 2013, and take minutes, provide refreshments, and do other tasks suited to my age and gender!

Committee member: Martin Salmon - Vinery Road

I started with a small plot about five years ago as a complete beginner and I now work two half plots. I joined the committee in 2016. I make Vinery Allotment Updates for Mill Road TV with Glynn. These can be accessed via youtube: they offer great insights and are a great way of picking up tips and advice.

Committee member: John McGill - Burnside

I've had a plot at Burnside since about 2010 and have been on the committee since 2014. I've always found it a very friendly environment, with great collaboration among all other lot-holders.

Committee member: Maxim Scheremetjew - Burnside

I got a half plot for my partner's birthday in 2015 at Burnside, because we both love gardening and we got sick of starting from scratch every time we had to move house. Since then we've loved spending time outside on the plot, showing our two young kids how to grow different sorts of veggies. I joined the committee in 2017 to share my views on all the different topics with a key focus on the website.


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