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Here is the latest news from the Burnside site manager
Updated 6 Apr 2021


As at 6 Apr 2021 there were 45 people on the waiting lists and 3 plots being prepared for letting.

What's coming up?

Further work on the Ancaster Way entrance is expected to take place during a distanced volunteering morning early in May, it will include the following:

  • levelling the new deliveries area just inside the gate
  • weed fabric to cover the deliveries area
  • grass seeding the area where the old shed used to be
  • general tidying of the remaining space.

The Burnside store will re-open on Saturday April 24th. Remember to get your poster completed!

There will be some special offers that day and an extended opening time until 14:00. Covid 19 restrictions will continue to apply so please wear a face mask whenever visiting the store. The preferred payment method for the whole season is online bank transfer, as last year. 

The water will be turned back on mid April, once the troughs have all been cleaned out and serviced. 

A number of people have volunteered to clean out troughs, and this work is underway. The water will be back on soon. 

The work on Andy's tearoom will continue to progress. It is hoped that the first part of the building will be ready to be erected by the end of April. 

See the Blog for the full detail of the tearoom project. 

What's happened recently?

The recent work on the Ancaster Way entrance went very well. 

The continuing muddy area just inside the gate was being caused by rainwater building up in the roadway outside, then flowing across the path and under the gate. The newly installed dished channel and gully will divert that water into a soak-away, which has been created nearby. See the photos page to get a proper understanding of the size of the project. 

A good Burn Bin session took place on Saturday March 27th.  

A significant amount of non compostable waste was disposed of on the day. Many thanks to Jamie and Ingrid who dragged several builder's bags of site waste around to the Burn Bin, and also to Tom and James who helped out with the loading. The session worked very well because everyone brought the right stuff to be burnt and kept a good social distance. 

Site issues

Recent strong winds have damaged sheds and greenhouses and have blown things from plots around the site.

There are two large insect-mesh cloches in the car park that had been blown into the orchard. Please check that nothing on your plot has been damaged or gone missing. Remember that items in communal areas, or on plots that are vacant or look vacant, are not to be removed - see site rule No 13.

Site managers

Burnside has two site managers: Andy Kurdynowski and Matthew Whitelegg.

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, or you would like to get involved with their activities on the site, you can email them at  burnsidesitemanager

Andy Kurdynowski
Andy Kurdynowski
Matthew Whitelegg
Matthew Whitelegg

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