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Here is the latest news from the Burnside site manager
Updated 3 Dec 2021


As at 3 Dec 2021 there were 47 people on the waiting lists and 3 plots being prepared for letting.

What's coming up?

Burnside Gate entry restriction

Sometime during the first 2 weeks in December contractors will be working in the Burnside entrance. The main water stopcock for the site is faulty, preventing the water from being shut off, and therefor must be replaced. This problem could have very serious implications, if we can not turn the water off for the winter and there is a very cold spell, a pipe could freeze and split, possibly causing a considerable amount of mess and work, of course there could be a large water cost involved too if we can't stop that leak.  Depending on the weather conditions when this work is done, there entrance way could be slippery, PLEASE be very careful when accessing the site around the time of this work. 

Christmas Burn Bin Saturday 11th

The next Burn Bin session will be a Christmas one from 10:00 - 15:00 on Saturday December 11th. Mince pies and hot drinks all day. Baked potatoes and hot dogs at lunchtime. Weather permitting as always, so remember to check back to this page nearer the time, because the event could easily be postponed or cancelled if it's wet or the wind direction is wrong. 

What's happened recently?

Society AGM

The delayed from the spring 2021 AGM took place at St Thomas's hall on the evening of November 23rd. Our retiring chairperson, Penny Henderson, was presented with one of our specially commissioned artisan allotment mugs, in recognition of her work for the society. The meeting was well attended, amendments to our constitution were unanimously agreed and we have some new people on the committee. 

Site issues

This year 3 skips of rubbish have been removed from vacant plots. Please keep a check on the non-growing things on your plot, taking away stuff you are not using. And DO NOT bring items to site which “might” be useful, those things are rarely used and subsequently end up in a costly skip sometime in the future. 

Site managers

Burnside has two site managers: Andy Kurdynowski and Matthew Whitelegg.

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, or you would like to get involved with their activities on the site, you can email them at  burnsidesitemanager

Andy Kurdynowski
Andy Kurdynowski
Matthew Whitelegg
Matthew Whitelegg

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The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society manages two well-run, community-spirited allotment sites in South Cambridge, UK.
They are situated in the Romsey Town area and offer good growing conditions and excellent facilities.