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Here is the latest news from the Burnside site manager
Updated 9 Jul 2021


As at 9 Jul 2021 there were 47 people on the waiting lists and 1 plots being prepared for letting.

What's coming up?

The work on Andy's tearoom has moved on. The building is up! 

On June 2nd Andy, helped by Ingrid (many thanks), erected the “room” part of the tearoom. Thanks also to those that helped to get the very heavy roof up and into place. The next job is to get the Building completely water tight and then install the two water butts. The slabbed area will then have been freed up ready to start the covered space. 

Volunteering morning, due on Saturday July 17th, from 9:30 

With COVID caution in mind, there will be bottles of water available all the time and a hot drink at break time, but please bring your own snacks.

Activities planned so far as follows. 

At the Ancaster way entrance:-

  • levelling the new deliveries area just inside the gate
  • weed fabric to cover the deliveries area
  • grass seeding the area where the old shed used to be
  • general tidying of the remaining space.

At the Burnside gate entrance:-

  • Rake and mow the orchard which is being strimmed at the moment.
  • Strim and rake the carpark surround.

Empty and wash out any troughs that have lots of algae.

Dismantle the old shed opposite the toilet. 


What's happened recently?

Asbestos - It's all gone. 

At the beginning of June another large builder’s type bag full of corrugated roofing asbestos was recovered from around the site and then taken away by a commercial asbestos removal service. Over recent years a huge amount of asbestos has been removed from the Burnside site and safely disposed of. It had been dumped around the site, used to separate plots and to cover the roofs of many sheds which had then become derelict, there was even one shed where the outer walls were covered with corrugated asbestos.  Even with the help of the city council, who removed some a few years ago, and the use of the CB resident council supported disposal service in the past, it has been a lot of work and very costly to the society. There is however, one sturdy, well maintained shed that still has an asbestos roof, but we have been advised by an asbestos assessment expert to leave that one well alone. 

Trough numbering.

All of the water troughs on the Burnside site now have an individual number from 1 to 7. This make it much easier to identify faults when they occur. If you spot an overflowing trough, a leaky pipe or maybe a wet boggy patch in the trough area (this has happened before), please simply text Andy (site manager) with the trough number and a few words to say what is wrong. Andy's number is on the notice boards. Water is one of the highest costs to the society, let's not let any go to waste. 





Site issues

In recent months 3 skips of rubbish have been removed from vacant plots. Please keep a check on the non-growing things on your plot, taking away stuff you are not using. And DO NOT bring items to site which “might” be useful, those things rarely are used and subsequently end up in a costly skip sometime in the future. 

Site managers

Burnside has two site managers: Andy Kurdynowski and Matthew Whitelegg.

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, or you would like to get involved with their activities on the site, you can email them at  burnsidesitemanager

Andy Kurdynowski
Andy Kurdynowski
Matthew Whitelegg
Matthew Whitelegg

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