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The committee works very hard to ensure everyone can enjoy their allotments to the utmost. If you feel you could contribute, please contact one of the members below.

Penny Henderson - Burnside

I took on my plot in 2012, I think, as a complete novice vegetable grower, and through regular and intensive effort, it is quite productive.
I joined the committee in 2013.


Vice chair and Burnside site co-manager
Andy Kurdynowski - Burnside

I’ve had my plot on Burnside for about 15 years, starting as a complete allotment novice, and have been a member of the committee for much of that time. I am one of the two Burnside site managers, often spending too much time maintaining the site and not enough working my plot, but I do get enjoyment from both.


Secretary, Treasurer and Burnside site co-manager
Matthew Whitelegg - Burnside

I started on the allotment in the Spring of 2009. Since then we have enjoyed abundant crops of bindweed and mare’s tail. As well as tending the plot I have the role of Burnside site manager along with Andy K. Over the years this has involved letting out plots to new tenants and generally working on the site as a whole.


Vinery site manager
Barry South - Vinery

I’ve had a plot on the Vinery site since 2004 growing mostly fruit and veg that you can’t find easily in the supermarkets or that are just better eaten fresh. I’m keen to both reclaim the real definition of fresh and minimise food miles. Along with Alex and Suzy, I’m responsible for the management of the Vinery site.


Committee member
Joan Bullock-Anderson - Burnside

I have had a half plot at Burnside since 2012. I still feel like a bit of a novice but I usually have the satisfaction of a glut from at least one crop per season. Anyone who wants to grow Jerusalem artichokes, please just ask!

I joined the Committee in 2016 and currently have responsibility for maintenance of the website.


Committee member
Alex Considine Tong - Vinery

I have a half plot at Vinery which I took over in 2018 when it was covered in 6ft-tall weeds, and I joined the committee in 2019. I've been steadfastly growing veggies wherever I could since I was a child - especially radishes, lettuce and potatoes - and I love nothing more than pottering around the plot, looking for jobs to do and just enjoying being outside.

Committee member
Maxim Scheremetjew - Burnside

I got a half plot for my partner's birthday in 2015 at Burnside, because we both love gardening and we got sick of starting from scratch every time we had to move house. Since then we've loved spending time outside on the plot, showing our two young kids how to grow different sorts of veggies. I joined the committee in 2017 to share my views on all the different topics with a key focus on the website.

Committee member
John McGill - Burnside

I've had a plot at Burnside since about 2010 and have been on the committee since 2014. I've always found it a very friendly environment, with great collaboration among all other lot-holders.

Committee member (non-voting)
Suzy Ashworth - Associate member

I joined the committee in 2019 as an associate member as I currently look after a small plot for a friend. I am one of those unusual people who loves globe artichokes! I also like growing flowers and unusual vegetables - anything that’s pretty or tasty, and preferably both.

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The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society manages two well-run, community-spirited allotment sites in South Cambridge, UK.
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