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Diabetes UK Swim 22

In Spring 2018, Tina set herself a challenge to raise money for Diabetes UK. You can read about what she set out to do below. Here she updates us on her progress:

I wanted to thank everyone from the society who has generously donated seedlings and cash, bringing the allotment total to over £40. Thank you! I think it is truly marvellous as well as encouraging my colleagues to have a try at growing their own! This brings my total raised so far to £1430 and I will continue to pull in some cash as we sell excess produce (though I have been reluctant to sell too many of our strawberries!).

With very best wishes and gratitude
Tina x
12th June 2018

The Challenge - March 2018

Three months ago I set myself a crazy challenge which stemmed from Diabetes UK Swim 22 initiative to swim 22 miles (the width of the Channel) in my local pool over a period of 3 months.

However, not content with that, I decided to extend the challenge to also include the distances I covered cycling and walking in the 3 months too (a protracted triathlon if you like); my aim was to reach Southern Spain.

Three months is now up. I'm not sure how many kms I walked on the allotment but in the Swim 22 challenge I swam 68 miles and finished 16 on the leaderboard (out of 4,600 participants).

I am pleased to say that I covered 2,080 km in total which, as the crow flies, means that I actually reached Africa/Iceland/Sweden/Russia, depending on which way you fly!

How you can help

To add to the money I have collected, I am also selling any excess plants/produce from our Burnside allotment to colleagues so if you have any that would otherwise go to waste, I'd be really happy to take them off your hands. My husband Bobby is often on our allotment (11, next to Ancaster Way gate) in the afternoons so feel free to leave them with him, or in front of the "summer house". Any money raised will go direct to Diabetes UK.

Failing that, if you'd just like to sponsor me, you can visit my Justgiving page at

Many thanks for any contributions,

Best wishes


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