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The following are links to external web sites. Clicking on a link will open a new page and take you automatically to the site. We do not monitor these links and you follow them at your own risk. Please let us know if you think that a link is inappropriate.

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Birdwood Area Residents' Association (BARA)

A really informative site about Birdwood Road in the South Of Cambridge, and the surrounding area - including Burnside.

Gardening for beginners and the rest of us, too by Carla Thomas (a visitor to our site)

A beginner’s guide to gardening - 16 secret tricks uncovered...

Gardening basics by

Where to start if you are new to gardening; tools, plant schemes. The ideas on the butterfly garden are particularly recommended.

Thanks to a guest to our web site

Gardening at Home with Kids by HomeAdvisor

A really nice site with loads of ideas about how to get children involved in gardening: from simple ideas about what to grow, to longer-term projects.

Thanks to Anna Quinn for this suggestion

Ultimate Guide to Gardening Resources

All manner of links to useful sites and apps about everything from how to plan your allotment, to dealing with pests, to getting seeds and plants, to planting strategies.

Thanks to Jacky Talbott for this suggestion

Allotment & Gardens - Advice and useful information

Tips, tricks, self-help videos, recipes and more. It includes an active forum -useful now that our own forum is off-line.

Everything you always wanted to know about carrots, and more besides

Allegedly the world's first virtual museum of the carrot - and who are we to judge?

BBC Gardeners Calendar

A useful list of jobs to do at any time of year. Unfortunately, the BBC is no longer maintaining this page.

Two Thirsty Gardeners

Digging and swigging through the seasons.


Nice ideas - maybe even a few new ones...

No Dig Organic Gardening

"Charles is an acclaimed innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983, and since 2003 of new ways to crop salad leaves. His original, weed free methods give superb results in both small and large areas...."

Blight Watch

With the onset of blight season, Andy Kurdynowski of Burnside recommends registering with Blightwatch:

Guess what, we ask for rain because it’s been so dry, then we get loads of rain all at once, and it’s also very humid. This creates what is now known as a “Hutton Period”, when blight can develop. The “Hutton Period”, with a tighter criterion, has recently replaced the 60-year-old “Smith Period”.

I am registered with Blightwatch . It’s free to register, and if you do you will get email warnings when there is a likelihood, or indeed instances, of blight in your chosen postcode area.

For example, see below from an email I received today, May 18th 2017 (I have the CB1 area monitored).

A Hutton Period alert is in place today for at least one of your chosen postcode area(s).
A 'Full' Hutton Period occurs when the following criteria are met on 2 consecutive days:-

  • Minimum air temperatures are at least 10°C
  • Relative Humidity is 90% or above for at least 6 hours

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The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society
92 Coleridge Road

The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society manages two well-run, community-spirited allotment sites in South Cambridge, UK.
They are situated in the Romsey Town area and offer good growing conditions and excellent facilities.