How well do you know Cambridge?

You have probably passed these bits of Cambridge 101 times - but can you remember where they are? If you can't, now is an excellent opportunity to get out and get reacquainted with some of the less well-known parts.

Two points per question.

You can send us your answers (fill in your name, and press Submit) if you would like to be included in our wall of fame / shame.

The closing date is the 19th July.

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Question 1.

There are several of these Dinky Doors around Cambridge. Which street is this one on, and which University site is it attached to?
Question 1

The Dinky Door is on Downing Street, attached to the New Museum Site. There are Dinky Doors around Cambridge and as far as Wandelbury. They are well worth an afternoon's walk. Click here for more details.

Question 2.

Maybe a little tricky this one. Which road is this almost on, and which multinational inhabits the building this statue goes with?
Question 2

This is on Hills Road, near the railway bridge. It goes with Academy House which is inhabited by AstraZeneca. When the quiz was originally set, the statue wasn't quite as prominent as it is now.

Question 3.

This is the top of a larger monument. Where and what is it?
Question 3

This is the Hobson Conduit memorial at the corner of Trumpington Street and Lensfield Road.

Question 4.

Where is this pineapple and which Cambridge institution occupied the building opposite(-ish) originally?
Question 4

The pineapple is in the courtyard of the Fitzwilliam Museum. It is almost opposite the original site of Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Question 5.

The late 1700s wasn't a good period for the Hunnybuns. Which church is now home to the family, and which large shop is nearby?
Question 5

This is the much reduced graveyard of Holy Trinity in the centre of Cambridge. It is in the passageway leading to the back entrance of M&S.

Question 6.

What's the name of this building, and which new piece of transport infrastructure is being built nearby?
Question 6

This is the Leper Chapel on Newmarket Road. It is near the new Chisholm Trail.

Question 7.

Where can you find this memorial to a team of dogs, and what does it commemorate?
Question 7

This is the Antarctic Sledge Dog memorial outside the Scott Polar Institute and commemorates various expeditions between 1945 and 1993.

Question 8.

This famous if sadly neglected gate was once a major portal to one of the Colleges. Which College does it open into, and who was reputed to have used it?
Question 8

This is the Bishop of Ely's gate leading to Peterhouse College. The Bishop was punted through the fens to Peterhouse in the late 1200s.

Question 9.

There aren't that many hills in Cambridge. What is this one called and why is called that?
Question 9

This is Honey Hill, just off Northampton Street. It was called Honey Hill in the middle ages because there was a ditch there which was used as a rubbush dump. The name is ironic.

Question 10.

A slighly unusual and certainly less attractive view of one of the older Colleges. Which College and from which street was the shot taken?
Question 10

This is a view of St John's College taken from Northampton Street opposite Honey Hill.

Question 11.

Which church is in the background and which modern art venue is in the foreground?
Question 10

This is Kettle's Yard, with St Peter's in the background.

Question 12.

From one of the older parts of Cambridge to one of the newer. Where is this building and what is its official name?
Question 12

This is officially Car Park 2 in Addenbrooke's.

Question 13.

This is certainly a worrying advert. Which street is it on and name one of the two shops either side of it?
Question 13

This is on Hills Road, no. 44. It is on the Cambridge Oven building, next to Cambridge International Book Centre.

Question 14.

Where can you see this large art installation, and what is it called?
Question 14

This is on the side of A&E at Addenbrooke's: Futurian by Michael Kenny.

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