QUIZ - Summer 2018

That was the quiz that was

If you wanted to take part in the Summer Quiz - you are too late!

The winners will be announced shortly. For anyone who didn't get all the answers, they are filled in below.

Look out for the next quiz.

How to play

Below are 9 allotment-related questions. You need to find the answers and then fit them into the grid. If you have done it properly, the letters in the shaded boxes can be re-arranged to make the name of a well-known garden plant.


1. This Gardener's World presenter has been off our screens this year because of illness. What is their surname? (2,5)

(Rachel) De Thame

2. What is the scientific name for this allotment pest? (5,5)

Psila Rosae

3. Charles Dowding is well known for this style of gardening. (2,3)

No dig

4. This is an example of what type of plant? (7)


5. This type of tool sounds like something a well-known fictional character might use. (3)

Hoe (hoe)

6. This is an example of what type of plant? (5)


7. A sticky waterlogged soil lacking in oxygen, typically grey to blue in colour. (4)


8. What is the common name of this plant? (7)



Unscrambled plant name

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