Family Fortunes

Here are 10 questions from Family Fortunes. If you have never played it before, groups of 100 people are asked for their answers to questions. We want one answer to each question. If yours matches the most popular answer you get 2 points. If it matches one of the next 3 most popular you get 1 point.

You can send us your answers (fill in your name, and press Submit) if you would like to be included in our wall of fame / shame.

The closing date is the 19th April.

The closing date, 19th April, has now passed. If you would like to see the answers, press

Well done to Ingrid - this week's winner. And an honourable mention to the Watts family who came a very close second.

Question 1.

Name a sign of affection a woman would like to get more often from her partner

Kiss, hug, flowers / gift, holding hands

Question 2.

Name something that never comes with pockets

Underwear, socks, hat, shoes

Question 3.

Name something you don’t wash as often as you should

Car, hands, hair, sheets

Question 4.

Name a place where you DON’T want front row seats

Cinema, church, concert, funeral
Best answer: Bullfight

Question 5.

Name something a woman puts on to look sexier

Perfume, lingerie, make-up, mini-skirt

Question 6.

Name something people shake

Hands, bottle of milk, salt and pepper, cocktails

Question 7.

Name a famous male lover (real or fictional)

Rudolf Valetino, Casanova, Romeo, Errol Flynn

Question 8.

Name something you do in bed

Sleep, make love, read, watch tv
No-one suggested "make love" - must say something

Question 9.

Name the first thing to touch your lips each morning

Tea / coffee, toothpaste / toothbrush, other lips, cigarette

Question 10.

Name something a man should NOT take on his honeymoon

Another woman, mobile phone, parents, laptop
To the people who suggested "fishing rod" - you need help

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