Famous bottoms

We all have one, but do we really appreciate it? How well do we know it? This quiz doesn't answer either of those two questions.

Two points per question. Please don't look the answers up on the internet - pretty please.

You can send us your answers (fill in your name, and press Submit) if you would like to be included in our wall of fame / shame.

The closing date is the 10th May.

The closing date, 10th May, has now passed. If you would like to see the answers, press  

Well done to Andy, Sally, Stel and Beverley - this week's winners and the team currently to beat.

Question 1.

We all know that this is Andy Murray. But what does he have to do specifically with bottoms and when?
Question 1

Male rear of the year, 2019

Question 2.

These two actors were the main characters in “Bottom”. Give the character names.
Question 2

Richard “Richie” Richard and Eddie Hitler

Question 3.

Name the Shakespearean play and the actor.
Question 3

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Johnny Vegas

Question 4.

This is the bottom of which Famous Italian building and where is it?
Question 4

Colosseum - Rome

Question 5.

Name the Father Ted actor and what was his bottom-related catchphrase?
Question 5

Frank Kelly – “Arse”

Question 6.

Name two of the main three muscles of the bottom.
Question 6

Gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle

Question 7.

Give the birth name of the singer and the song that was on the A side of Fat Bottomed Girls.
Question 7

Farrokh Bulsara and Bicycle Race

Question 8.

In the 2005 – 2006 season, this Premier League football club finished bottom with a total of just 15 points. Name the club and manager.
Question 8

Mick McCarthy and Sunderland

Question 9.

Name this famous venue just a little way outside Cambridge. And why is the village it is in called what it is?
Question 9

Swynford Paddocks is in 6 Mile Bottom which is 6 Miles from the start of the original Newmarket Racecourse and is at the bottom of a hill.

Question 10.

No-one of a certain age can have grown up without at least seeing this poster, even if they didn't own a copy. Name the poster company and the woman.
Question 10

Athena and Fiona Butler

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