Oh well, it had to happen eventually. This is our first horticultural quiz and, consequently, should be a pushover for any user of this site.

Please don't look the answers up on the internet - pretty please.

You can send us your answers (fill in your name, and press Submit) if you would like to be included in our wall of fame / shame.

The closing date is the 24th May.

The closing date, 24th May, has now passed. If you would like to see the answers, press  

Well done to Ingrid, Gill and "The Top Bottoms" - this week's joint winners.

Question 1.

Speaking of fruit and veg, which we weren't, what is 2020 the year of?


Question 2.

What kind of veg is a Chantenay?


Question 3.

What fruit comes from this flower and what soil does it prefer?
Quiz 8 - 3

Blueberry: ericaceous / acidic

Question 4.

What is the name of the garden from which BBC Scotland broadcasts a weekly gardening programme?


Question 5.

What is the word record weight for a pumpkin? a) 840.1 kg b) 536 kg c) 1190.5 kg

c) 1190.5 kg

Question 6.

Purple Majesty is a variety of what vegetable?


Question 7.

Name a medicinal use for calendula

Heal wounds, burns and rashes

Question 8.

Which weed has leaves that [apparently] taste good when blanched and added to a salad with balsamic dressing?


Question 9.

Identify this insect - hint: the answer is already on this site
Quiz 8 - 9


Question 10.

Identify this type of lettuce
Quiz 8 - 10

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