You always remember the winners, but how often do you remember the runners-up. Often, their achievements are as great, but they just weren't first.

Please don't look the answers up on the internet - pretty please.

You can send us your answers (fill in your name, and press Submit) if you would like to be included in our wall of fame / shame.

The closing date is the 31st May.

The closing date, 31st May, has now passed. If you would like to see the answers, press  

Well done to Seamus, Niamh and Debbie - this week's winners.

Question 1.

Everyone can name the first two people to set foot on the moon from Apollo 11, but can you name either of the two people from Apollo 12 to do so?

Charles "Pete" Conrad, Alan L. Bean - Richard F. Gordon remained in lunar orbit.

Question 2.

Name the second highest mountain in the world.

K2 (aka Chhogori, or Mount Godwin-Austen)

Question 3.

Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon tounament in 2013. Who came second to him?

Novak Djokovic

Question 4.

George Washington was the first president ofthe USA. Who was the second?

John Adams

Question 5.

Smith is the most common surname in the UK. What is the second most common?


Question 6.

Roger Bannister was the first person to break the 4 minute mile barrier. Who was the second?

John Landy (Australia)

Question 7.

Diversity won Britain's Got Talent in 2009. Who came second?

Susan Boyle

Question 8.

Russia is the largest country by land area. Ignoring Antarctica, what is the second?


Question 9.

The Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriages. Which was the second?


Question 10.

Fish and chips is the UK's favourite meal. What is the second?

Chicken korma

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