If you fancy a few minutes doing something a little diverting, why not try one of our quizzes? They are just for fun, not necessarily anything to do with allotmenting, and friends and family can join in. We will put up a new quiz every couple of weeks, and give you the answers to the last one.

If you want you can send us your answers. We will choose a winner at random and put you on our wall of fame.


Second best

How well do you remember the runners-up?


Answers on 31st May 2020

Past quizzes

You can still have a go at the quizzes - you can see the answers by pressing the Reveal button on the quiz page.

Haughty Culture
Closing date 24th May 2020

Easy peasy gardening


Well done to Ingrid, Gill and "The Top Bottoms", this week's joint winners.

Odd Ones In
Closing date 17th May 2020

Not the odd ones out.


Well done to Debbie, Seamus and Niamh, this week's winners.

Closing date 10th May 2020

Bottoms up!


Well done to Andy, Sally, Stel and Beverley, this week's winners - again.

General Knowledge
Closing date 3rd May 2020

Trivia at its worst.


Well done to Ingrid and to Andy, Sally, Stel and Beverley, this week's joint winners.

Song Lyrics
Closing date 26th April 2020

How well do you know your pop songs.


Well done to Seamus, Niamh and Debbie - this week's winners.

Children's Quiz
Closing date 19th April 2020

Children's TV programmes


Well done to the Watts Family - this week's winners.

Family Fortunes
Closing date 19th April 2020

The ever-popular (?) Family Fortunes


Well done to Ingrid - this week's winners.

Closing date 12th April 2020

How well do you know your music?


Well done to Debbie Whitfield, Seamus and Niamh Doherty - this week's winners

Closing date 5th April 2020

Test your knowledge of popular films.


Well done to Andy K et al - this week's winners.

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