Vinery Road Plots and Facilities

The Vinery Road site is approximately 1.44 hectares. There are 19 full plots, 37 half plots and 30 quarter plots (as at 2016).

There are 3 water troughs on the site: these are supplied with water from spring to autumn. There is a composting toilet on site for the use of tenants. There is also a communal compost area and a picnic area.

One of the Vinery plots is designed by TJ Kids for children's activities and has gate access from St Philip’s School. There are 3 chicken projects, a 3m wide pond, and plans for a bee hive.

The site meeting place and store is known as ‘the Pavilion’ and is named after Trevor Taylor, who gave many years of service to the committee. It has a coded lock so tenants can use it and make hot drinks.

The Store at Burnside is open at certain times in the year. It sells compost, fleece, weed control fabric, fertilisers, canes, netting etc and is for the use of both Burnside and Vinery tenants. Click here for store details.

The Vinery Road site is accessed from Vinery Road in Romsey Town.


Plot map

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