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20 Feb 2020 - Barry South - Growing Saffron


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The society runs a store from spring to early summer selling allotment essentials at low prices.
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  • Seed Potato collection morning on the 26th January
  • Coppicing volunteer day at Vinery Road on the 25th January

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Birdwood Area Residents' Association (BARA)

A really informative site about Birdwood Road in the South Of Cambridge, and the surrounding area - including Burnside.

Allotment & Gardens - Advice and useful information

Tips, tricks, self-help videos, recipes and more. It includes an active forum -useful now that our own forum is off-line.


Everything you always wanted to know about carrots, and more besides

Allegedly the world's first virtual museum of the carrot - and who are we to judge?


The National Allotment Society

The NSALG has an active site with all sorts of useful tips and advice.


Two Thirsty Gardeners

Digging and swigging through the seasons.


No Dig Organic Gardening

"Charles is an acclaimed innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983, and since 2003 of new ways to crop salad leaves. His original, weed free methods give superb results in both small and large areas...."


Blight Watch

Watching for and dealing with blight - recommended by Andy Kurdynowski. It’s free to register, and if you do you will get email warnings when there is a likelihood, or indeed instances, of blight in your chosen postcode area.


This is the place for all your allotment-related needs and offers. These can be anything from help, to equipment, to sheds and greenhouses, through to plants and produce.

Email the webmaster to post a notice, including what it is you are offering or want, a price, if appropriate, and how you may be contacted. Attach a photo if you would like that to be shown.

Burnside Store29/04/2019

Hand-made aprons
Aprons, lovingly hand-made by Jill from Burnside. Available from the Store for a minimum donation of £3
Burnside Store14/07/2018

For sale
Yellow plastic trug - new. £9.50
Burnside Store14/07/2018

For sale
Folding barrow - as new. £20
Burnside Store14/07/2018

For sale
Large wheelbarrow - puncture-free tyre - new. £63
Burnside Store14/07/2018

For sale
Builder's wheelbarrow - new. £50

The store is now closed for 2019. Open again Spring 2020.

The store is located at the Burnside entrance to the Burnside site. It was revamped in 2017. It sells essential supplies on weekend mornings during the spring and early summer months and is for the use of Burnside and Vinery Road tenants. It is staffed by volunteers.

For more information email the store manager

Burnside Store Price list 2019

Grow Organic 50L£6.00
Multi-Purpose Compost 75L£5.50
Peat Free Organic Compost 60L£6.00
Tomorite Giant Deep Grow-Bag£4.00
Bird Netting (4m wide - per m)£1.50
Standard Insect Mesh1.3mm (3.6m wide - per m)£4.00
Fine Insect Mesh 0.6mm (3.6m wide - per m)£4.50
MDPE pipe for netting loops (25mm - per m)£1.00
Organic Slug Killer 650g£4.00
125gsm weed control fabric (4m wide – per m)£4.00
Garden twine (plastic)£2.50
9 inch weed fabric staples25p ea
Tomorite tomato Feed 1lt£3.50
Maxicrop Organic Tomato Feed 1lt£6.25
Garden Twine (green)£1.75
Garden twine (brown)£2.00
Extra Thick Bamboo Canes 8ft£2.50
Thick Bamboo Canes 8ft80p ea
Bamboo Canes 6ft40p ea
Bamboo Canes 4ft25p ea
Security clutch screws – prevent shed hinge removal10p ea
Permanent marker for plant labels£2.50
150mm white plant label x1020p
17gsm Fleece (1.5m – per m)20p ea
30gsm Fleece (3m – per m)50p ea
Rock Dust 20kg£10.00
Rock Dust 5kg£3.00
OSMO PRO 4 Organic fertiliser 1kg£1.50
Fish, Blood and Bone 1kg£1.00
Chicken Pellets (6X) 1kg£1.50

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The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society
92 Coleridge Road

The Vinery Road Permanent Allotment Society manages two well-run, community-spirited allotment sites in South Cambridge, UK.
They are situated in the Romsey Town area and offer good growing conditions and excellent facilities.